10 Actors Who Almost Lost Their Life While Filming Movie Scenes

We all live by the assumption that actors live a very easy life. Be it limelight, money or looks, they got it all. You name it, they have it. But what we don’t know is the tough injury-packed life they live behind those shiny cinema screens. Action scenes are pure fun to watch and more of a danger to perform. And when actors tend to do them their selves, things only turn worse. If you’re a moviegoer, you probably have an idea about the passion required to film these heart-stopping stunts. Here is a list of 12 actors who almost lost their lives and suffered a lot of injuries while filming intense scenes in their respective movies.

1. Tom Hanks

America’s heart-throb Tom Hanks almost lost his life while shooting a scene for desert island drama Cast Away. He received a cut on his leg which was later discovered out to be Staph Infection. According to doctors, he nearly died of blood poisoning until they removed out a big chunk of infected stuff from his legs. He was hospitalized for three days and filming was delayed.

2. Kate Winslet

This brave lady almost drowned into the water while shooting for Titanic. She and Leo were supposed to run for their lives when water started rushing water starts filling in the thin corridor. In the very same shot, Kate’s thick jacket stuck somewhere and she couldn’t get through

3. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt’s injury got too severe that it had to be later included in the script of Se7en. During an extremely violent rain chase scene, he smashed his arm into a window which severed the tendon in his hand. So now you know that injury in the movie was completely real.

4. Charlize Theron

A dangerous stunt on the sets of Aeon Flux almost left her paralyzed. She was supposed to do a series of back flips when she landed on her neck, herniating a disc close to her spinal cord. Doctors feared that the injury could leave her with limited mobility for the rest of her life.

5 Halle Berry

List of her injuries is probably too long to be mentioned over here. She almost lost her life when she suffered a head injury on Catwoman, broke her foot while shooting for Cloud Atlas, broke her arm during Gothika and nearly asphyxiated herself on the sets of Die Another Day. Looks like chaos is probably her happy place!,h_470,q_auto:good,w_620/ls60mj4ry60rrjlt06h1.jpg

6 Isla Fisher

Remeber Isla’s tremendously iconic entry scene from Now You See Me? She was supposed to act like she’s stuck at the bottom of the tank and then magically save herself from the watery demise. Well, she did get stuck there for real and had a really hard time surfacing herself again. No doubt that the scene seemed way too real.,h_470,q_auto:good,w_620/isla_fisher-5-actors-who-almost-died-in-2013-while-filming-jpeg-75011.jpg

7. Sylvester Stallone

Well, this guy is way too stubborn to leave the stunts for the professionals. He had to go through multiple surgeries after The Expendables. If you’re blaming it all on his age then don’t. In his young age, he suffered shattered ribs while filming for Rambo

8. Jennifer Lawrence

This girl proved that lives on sets can be endangered even when there are no intense action scenes involved. She almost lost her consciousness after being hit by a malfunctioned smoke machine during the shooting of Compact Tunnel. Well, she survived the incident by just facing a slight case of nausea and dizziness

9. Jason Statham

While shooting for The Expendables, Jason drove a truck straight into waters after the brakes failed. Luckily he had a history in competitive swimming and he was able to resurface himself unharmed. He indeed was the toughest guy on the sets.

10. Jackie Chan

Over the years, Jackie Chan has brought himself up so very well that his action scenes are famous all over the world. Be it kicking, flying, punching or anything else, Jackie Chan is doubtlessly the master. Well, success obviously requires some part of your flesh. on the sets of Armour of God II, he was once so badly hurt on the head that he required a brain surgery.  Did the injury stop him? We all know the answer!

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