8 Erotic Terms From “Fifty Shades Of Grey” And What They Mean!!!

Fifty shades of Grey got quite a lot of frame because of its erotic story and kinky concept. It involved some sexual yet erotic terms which were not understandable for us. Therefore, we have brought you the meanings of those erotic terms to increase your sexual knowledge.


BDSM is a type of sexual activity and it stands for bondage, discipline (or domination), sadism and masochism (as a type of sexual practice). This sexual activity involves one partner to master and the other one as submissive. One can’t simply describe Fifty Shades Of Grey without mentioning BDSM.

2. Fondling

Fondling is one of those erotic terms used to describe a certain sexual manner by which one partner touches the other one with love and concern.

3. Kinky×421.jpg

Generally, kinky means naughty. But in Fifty Shades Of Grey kinky is considered a sexual activity which involves BDSM, punishments and sex toys.

4. Caning

Caning is a form of sexual punishment from dominant to the submissive. It involves hitting your partner with a cane. Pain and pleasure is a perfect combination which makes the sexual activity more erotic yet passionate.

5. Vanilla sex

Vanilla sex is considered plain sex or normal intimate activity. It doesn’t involve BDSM or any kinky sexual activity.

6. Cunnilingus

Cunnilingus is a term used to define an erotic way of performing oral sex on a woman.

7. Fellatio

Fellatio, on the other hand, is the act of performing oral sex on a man by going down on him. In today’s world, it is generally referred to as Blowjob or BJ.

8. Cat o’ nine tail

Car o’nine tails is a form of whip used during kinky sex or in BDSM it is used as a sex toy for light spanking or whipping

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