Images That Get Worse When You Stare Them Longer

Images are all our daily needs and social media feeds. From every meme, you see to every friend who is traveling there is a photo. Our lives totally depend on them, so are our galleries. So, has it ever happened to you that you take a photo or see it and feel like it’s getting worse when you stare at it longer?

Yeah! why not! So let’s just take a glimpse at those images and try to stare at them longer to make them even worse and enjoy them instead.

1. Saturn Devouring His Son

There is nothing new about God in a painting but this one is plain old disturbing. This painting by Peter Paul Rubens shows Saturn, the god of ancient Roman religion devouring his son. The naked bodies and the expression of the little boy, and the way Saturn is devouring his son are some of the reasons why this picture is seriously disturbing. You know what I mean….

2. What are you ladies trying to accomplish?

I’m interpreting it as something related to lesbianism and I hope you also don’t have a good brain to think of something good rather than that. First the painting above and then with the lizard on them they’re still so interested in each other. This makes it even worse.


This actually shows you what happens when a kid catches his parents having sex and then they try to send him. This image actually gets worse when you stare at it and imagine such a situation happening with you! It would be a hell of an awkward thing. Maybe you might have even encountered this in your life so you could be more relatable.

4. Breastfeeding went wrong!

This is seriously wrong and not only in one-way, it’s in infinite ways. Firstly this mom isn’t interested to breastfeed her kid, the kid has to take the support of a goat. Then take a look at the where the goat’s head is placed. Yes! your brain went the right place looks like a BJ. Well, it’s good that goats can’t talk.

5. When Death Tried Too Hard

Maybe Death wanted to appear more like-able. Maybe he wanted to show us that he is like one of us, but did he really have to go all out and have a Marilyn Monroe moment? Those folks on the boat were prepared for death, but they were not prepared for the death underneath his cloak. This was supposed to be a horror image.

6. Is that supposed to be a dragon?

This dragon stuff is not what I should stare at as I can’t understand what’s happening.

7. The One With The Ugly Babies.

This is not at all okay as first of all those babies are dressed like popes, then when you start staring at them you realize that they also have a beard!

8. The Art Of Persistence

Evidently, this guy doesn’t see this woman’s clear disinterest in him. Strange, because the woman’s face clearly says: “Move any closer and I’ll barf on your face.” Sadly, there isn’t a phone in sight to save this woman. Old generation worries though.

9. She’s not into you!

First is what you see at the first sight and then comes the painting hung up that clearly shows the significance of this painting more.

10. The Art Of Being A Bastard

Sure, dancing barefoot on the beach in evening wear is romantic. Why these two needed their servants to hold umbrellas while they danced, however, when it isn’t even raining is just bad manners. It’s like they want everyone in the world to know that they are pure bastards.

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