Top 12 Highest Earning Actors And Actresses Of The World

We have something interesting if you are a crazy fan of movies, which is none other than the list of top 32 Highest Paid Actors and Actresses of the world. We bring to you their highest earning that has put them on the top 12 lists 

1. Leonardo DiCaprio- $77 millionLeonardo DiCaprio won an Oscar for “The Revenant.”  and currently is the most dependable and is an A-list actor. His upcoming movies are “Satori” where he plays a trained assassin in post-World War II and “Blood On Snow” where he plays a hitman.

2. Sandra Bullock$77 million

Sandra Bullock’s deal with Gravity was $20 million up front, then 15% of the movie’s gross after her advance was earned back. She was also guaranteed a percentage of the film. Gravity went on to earn more than $700 million and put an estimated $70-$77 million, in Sandra’s piggy bank×630.jpg


3. Dwyane Johnson- $64.5 millionDwayne Johnson, the actor also known as The Rock, successfully made $36 million in the last year.In 2016, with earnings of $64.5 million, he is now the highest-paid actor in the world after his last flicks “Furious8” and “Central Intelligence

4. Jackie Chan- $61 million

Earning $11 million more than he did last year, Jackie Chan lands with a cool $61 million earnings from his last flicks “Skiptrace” and “Kungfu Yoga”

5. Matt Damon- $55 million

Matt Damon is the third highest-paid actor, making $55 million. His film, “The Martian” grossed $630.1 million on a $108 million budget. He also earned big bucks as Jason Bourne, his last movie was “The Great Wall”

6. Tom Cruise- $53 millionTom Cruise last “Jack Reacher: Never Go Back” and his upcoming “The Mummy” has somewhat balanced his earnings, which off lately was not good.

7. Johnny Depp- $48 millionDepp is the only actor who stars in 3 movies which crossed the $1 billion benchmark globally and Depp raking in $48 million, largely due to the latest “Pirates of the Caribbean” installment and “Alice Through the Looking Glass.”

8. Vin Diesel- $47 million

Making Forbes’ list for the third year in a row, Vin Diesel brought in a $35 million annual paycheck. The actor can credit his big earnings to the recent installments of films including “Furious 8” and “Guardians of The Galaxy.”

9. Jennifer Lawrence- $46 million

Jennifer Lawrence, Hollywood’s highest earning actress for the second year in a row, saw a $46 million yearly profit, with a large amount coming from the final installment of the “Hunger Games,” which grossed $653.4 million at the box office

10. Ben Affleck- $43 million

“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” the film grossed more than $870 million worldwide. The $43 million he earned this year is the star’s highest earning annual paycheck to date. His other movies were “Justice League” “Suicide Squad” and “The Accountant”

11. Bradley Cooper- $41.5 million

Bradley Cooper nominated for 4 Academy Awards, 3 for acting and 1 for producing, and 1 Tony Award.He was named the “Sexiest Man Alive” by People magazine in 2011. His last movies were “Burnt” and “American Sniper”

12. Will Smith- $36 million

“Concussion” didn’t do much for Will Smith yet his highest earning last year was $36 million, but in 2018, perhaps “Bad Boys for Life” will.

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